8 Ways to Relieve Stress Quickly


Stretch: You can stretch at your desk  while sitting for five minutes without intervention. Stretching help with discomfort and work-related pain or injuries. 


Chew gum: Chewing is a great form of stress reduction. If you have gum particularly scented gum, chew it for at least three minutes.


Go for a walk: Exercise or walking is a great way to manage stress. 


Write it out: Writing out what you’re stressed about can help you focus your thoughts on the positive or ways to tackle the negative. 


Try 4-7-8 breathing: The 4-7-8 breathing is an effective way to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.


Take a hot bath: Hot water is known to help release endorphins and increase blood flow to the skin. Warm baths can also: improve breathing, reduce risk of heart attack, lower blood.


Clean your room and desk: Cleaning is an effective mindfulness practice. Students who washed dishes had greater states of mindfulness.


Acknowledge your stress: Acknowledging your stress can really help lift the weight off your shoulders and could be the first step to asking for help.