50 Greek Last Names or Surnames

Greeks have a very impressive culture and most Greeks people are proud of it. Most Greek ancient surnames are influenced by family names and the names of parents. MoslyGreek surnames are inherited from the paternal side i.e father’s first name or the family name. Someone from Greek ancestry can be identified by their last names. Mostly Greek last names and surnames are unique with a lot of meaning. These Greek names have an origin to them and trace back to time.


50 Greek Surnames or Last Names or Family Names With Their Meanings

Greek names are either of Hebrew, Latin or Greek origin. Some surnames are original Greek words and some are modified. These modified ones imply the origin of the name. Popular Greek names come with suffixes. These suffixes indicate the history or the origin of the place to where the family belongs. Some Greek last names have prefixes too. These prefixes reveal the identity of the person or their origin.

Greek surnames are therefore unique as they speak volumes about the tradition and ancestry of the person. Surname beginning with “Kara” reveals that the person is from the East. And in Turkish word “kara” means black. “Konto” the prefix means “papa” means a person who is a descendant of priests.

List of 50 Greek Last Name or Surnames

1. Agathangelou

Agathangelos is a patronymic name that has descended from the historical figure moniker. Agathangelou is given to descendants of this historical figure.


2. Andino

This surname is Greek for “manly”. It probably belongs to someone who displayed a lot of masculinity.

3. Ariti

This name sounds more like a first name but in Greek, this word means someone who is “approachable”, “generous” and “friendly”.

4. Baros

It is derived from Portuguese or Spanish from the places called Barros which means “loam” or “clay”. In Greek, it is a nickname of the Albanian word ‘mbare’ which means “happy” or “lucky”.


5. Balaskas

It is used by Greeks and Slavic Jews, Balaska is the feminine form that is the masculine form of the name.

6. Bouras

In Greek it is Booras and this word is of Latin origin that means “a woollen cloth, coarse and reddish-brown with long hair”. It belongs to a person who worked in the wool trade.

7. Castellanos

Also pronounced as Kastellanos, it is derived from the word “kastello”. This last name is an adjective form and means “castle”.

8. Christoforou

It is another variant of the name beginning with Christ, that means “one who is bearing Christ”.


9. Chloros

This word means in Greek is “green” and use to symbolises the essence of the country.


10. Condos

Condos in Greek means “short”. It could also be combined with a personal name to make a longer last name like Kondogiannis which means “Short John” or Kondopavlos which means “Short Paul”.

11. Chaconas

This surname is an Americanized version of Tsakonas or Tsakonian which are “an inhabitant of the eastern side of Peloponnese”. It is also an archaic kind of Greek last name.

12. Christodoulopoulos

Greek’s people have a deep connection with Christianity and this name has a strong religious influence that means the “descendants of the servants of Christ”.

13. Danielopoulos

This last name speaks for itself and that means “son of Daniel”.

14. Diakos

This name means “deacon” in Greek. A deacon is a member of the clergy and signifies the occupation of a person.


15. Diamandis

This surname for someone who deals with diamonds means “diamonds”.


16. Dougenis

This name is a combination of the word “doulos” which means “servant” or “slave” and “genes” which means “born”.


17. Doukas

During medieval times, this name was used for someone who is in the imperial rank. It is originated from the Greek word “Doukas”. Doukas means “Duke” or “Lord”.

18. Drakos

In Greek, this name means “Dragon or ogre”. One of the common Greek surnames, it sounds authentic.


19. Drivas

This is a Greek variant of the Slavic word. Drvo means “tree”. It could also mean a Greek form of Grivas.

20. Economos

This last name relates to occupation. It is derived from “oikonomos”. Oikonomos means a “steward”. It also means someone who manages a large property.


21. Eliades

The ‘ides’ last name was revived by the Greeks for descendants from the Black Sea in the early 19th and 20th century. This patronymic name is derivative of the biblical name Ellis.

22. Elias

It is a Greek form of Hebrew, it is derived from Eliyahu that means “Jehovah of God” or “Lord of God”.


23. Eliopoulos

This surname derived from “Elias” and the suffix Poulos that is derived from the Latin word “nestling”. The suffix is also used by people originating from Peloponnese.

24. Filo

It means Short and sweet. It is a Greek derivative of the first name Filip. Filip is derived from the English word ‘Phillip’ which means “the horses friend”.

25. Fotos

This is derived from the Greek word “phos” which means light. It is shortened version of the patronymic name Fotopoulos.


26. Frangopoulos

This last name means descendant of a Frank. Franks was a class of people in Europe

27. Galatas

In Greek “gala” means milk and the last name is an occupational one for someone who sells milk.


28. Georgiades

This is a spelling variant of Georgiadis, it could be a patronymic name modified from first name “George” with “-ades” as a suffix.

29. Georgiou

This Greek name means “wife or kin” of Georgios.


30. Gataki

It is a simple and sweet last name, this name means “kitten” in Greek.

31. Gabris

This surname is a Greek derivative of the English name Gabriel.


32. Galanis

This last name describes a person with “pale blue eyes”. It is originated from “galanos” which means “pale blue” or “azure

33. Hatzis

Khatzis means pilgrim to Jerusalem. This name is also used as a prefix to relate to the ancestry of Hatzimarkou who performed the pilgrimage.

34. Hondros

The last name is a nickname for the word “fat”. In the Greek language “Hondros” means fat. Hondros is a prefix and added to any first name in Greek

35. Hasapi

Spelt with an “H” is derived from the Greek word “chasapi” which mean “butcher “ and often used by people of the same profession.

36. Ioannou

Pronounced as I-o –nou, that means “child of John”.

37. Iordanou

This surname is Hebrew, the name of the Jordan river. This word means “flow down” or “descend”.

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38. Iraklidis

This name means “son of Herakles

39. Katopodis

This Greek name is for “ that guy who ran away”.

40. Konstantinopolites

This is a popular place in Greece. This term is used for people originating from Constantinople who usually bears this surname.

41. Kallis

Kallistos is a Greek last name that means “best” and reduced to form a patronymic.

42. Kappas

This unique name is the shortened version of the surname that begins with the prefix ‘Kapa’. In Turkish ‘kapa’ means “large”.

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43. Lambros

In Greek “Lampros” means “radiant”; ”luminous” and “brilliant”. This name was coined to commemorate Easter. It is known as Lanbri “the bright day”. It could also become a patronymics last name and added as a prefix.

44. Laskaris

Greeks people have a rich history of fighting battles. Laskaris as a name is a tribute to it. It means “a kind of soldier”.

45. Leventis

Of Italian origin, Leventis is derived from Levantine that means “people from the East”. This unique name used for armed sailor or pirates from the Middle Ages. It has a positive connotation and means “fearless and gallantry”.

46. Lykaios

It is an original Greek name that derived from a Greek word that means “wolf”.

47. Lekas

This name is of Albanian origin. Leka is an Albanian personal name. In Albanian, that means “Alexander”.

48. Leos

It originates from the personal name Leos that means “lion” and a short form of Leon.

49. Makris

It is a nickname of the Greek word “macros” meaning tall. In ancient Greek, it is combined with many names.

50. Mallas

This surname is an occupational one that comes from “mallas” which means a “trowel”. This last name is an occupational name for a bricklayer.

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